Agente di Vendita

Utilize a comprehensive Sales Agent Add-on to enhance your sales team's management of sales activities, customer relationships, and achieve performance goals

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Boost Sales Efficiency.

Elevate your sales operations with the SalesAgent Module, a one-stop solution for efficient program management, sales agent performance tracking, and order-to-invoice processes.

Program Management

Take control of your sales programs effortlessly. Create, assign, and monitor programs to drive revenue and enhance collaboration.

Create Custom Programs

Tailor programs to your unique needs and objectives, ensuring that they align with your strategic vision.

Real-time Progress Tracking

Stay in the loop with real-time tracking of program progress, empowering you to make timely adjustments.

Streamlined Assignment and Notifications

Collaborate effectively with your sales team by easily assigning programs and sending notifications for updates and deadlines.

Sales Agent Dashboard

Empower your sales agents with a dedicated, insightful dashboard. Provide them with the tools and insights they need to excel in their roles and contribute to your company's success.

Track Sales Performance and KPIs

Stay on top of key performance indicators and sales performance data, enabling data-driven decision-making.

View Program Details and Progress

Keep tabs on program-related data, including details and progress, making it easier to manage initiatives effectively.

Manage Orders and Invoices Seamlessly

Simplify the order-to-invoice processes, making it effortless to manage sales transactions, invoices, and payments.

Purchase Orders and Invoices

Streamline order creation, generate invoices with ease, and maintain control over your financial transactions. Simplify the entire process from order initiation to invoicing.

Why choose dedicated modulesfor Your Business?

With Dash, you can conveniently manage all your business functions from a single location.

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Why choose dedicated modules for Your Business?

With Dash, you can conveniently manage all your business functions from a single location.

Intelligenza Artificiale

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Campi personalizzati

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Assistenza Ticket

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